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GAP : Grant Application Processor

GAP Grant Application Processor
Entry level 450

A one-off form and manager

Single user 1,450

Use GAP for as many schemes as you like.

The purchase price is a one-off charge. You can purchase additional user licences at any point.

5 users 4,950

We also offer competative prices for other configurations of users, please contact us for details.

Annual Fees
Single user 700

Annual fees cover licensing and support and are applicable from the second year onwards. You get all the help you need with your system.

5 users 1,500
Hourly rate 30

Please budget 90 for training each user. Our online training sessions provide you with a great way to become familiar with the product, and we go at the pace of the user, and train them in the features they personally need.

We believe our software is intuitive to use.

Most users will need a couple of hours of training, and this can be achieved using our online approach. If required we can train you at your site, prices for which Single user Allow 2 days for initial training + 1 day for follow up and reports training. Price per group per day in our training room. Onsite training is available at the same day rate plus travel time and out of pocket expenses.

Data Transfer
Fixed Price 950

We offer a fixed price data transfer from existing databases or spreadsheets.

Online Applications
First Form 1,950
Additional Forms 300
Annual Support
First Form 595 Our annual support package includes all hosting and backups etc
Additional Forms 195
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