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GAP: The Grant Application Processor

GAP uses a simple approach which makes all your tasks much easier to do.  We have designed a map of the grant management process.  We call this map a ‘work-flow’.  Every application on your database is in its context in the map.  This means the system can:

  • Tell the user what to do next
  • Check the application form for errors, omissions and qualification rules
  • Inform other people about what is going on
    • By producing letters
    • By producing and sending emails
  • Produce all your committee agendas, minutes and reports
  • Produce all the statistics you need
    • Internally – to help you manage your service
    • Externally – to let others know what you are doing
  • Supported by GAP Forms – Internet Form Filling
    • Applicants apply on line – their applications are vetted to prevent mistakes
    • Data is transferred into your system when applications are completed

The GAP database

This contains all applications, projects, organisations and payments, and work-flow.  All the details required to be reported to the funding boards and external authorities are stored – so that your reports emerge fully formatted at the touch of a button.

The user is helped through the complex rules that go towards dealing with a grant application.  This is done in a logical and easily understood way.  The user is allowed to leave the details to the system – and concentrate on the things the computer cannot do by itself!

Using GAP you know where each application is in the many processes that might be dealing with it – such as approval, refusal, assessment, re-assessment, appeal and disbursement.

Work-flow does much more…

  • Keeps applications on time
    • Raises alerts as applications approach deadlines
    • Makes managing applications much easier and more efficient
  • Prioritises work using In-Trays
    • Lists applications with the most urgent first
    • Provides many alarms, including alarms set up by users
  • Provides managers with an overview of how work is going
    • Classifies applications according to the deadline dates
    • Provides a means of setting targets
    • Provides a means of measuring achievement
  • Automates letters and emails down to a single button click
    • Users waste less time on repetitive tasks
    • Logging replies is a matter of a single click
    • Sending reminders for late responses is trivial
  • Manages contacts and correspondence
    • All application contacts are managed
    • Phone calls and other interactions can be logged
  • Provides management statistics to meet all your needs
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