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GAP : Grant Application Processor
Clients and Case Study

The following organisations are current Bright System users.

Case Study
First Light distributes and monitors grants to young people for making short films. They had a database on a server in their office which they used to record all their information.

The Brief
First Light came to us as they wanted to streamline their application process. Their current system required applicants to fill out a paper form and send in copies of their accounts, testimonials and other supporting documents. Once the forms were received the data had to be manually added to the database creating great peaks in their workload, with deadlines becoming increasingly challenging to meet. Another issue in processing applications was applicants making mistakes on their forms or applying for the wrong scheme resulting in timely processes getting the correct information.

Our Solution
Our solution offered an online form for applicants to complete, with all data being uploaded directly to the system largely reducing manual data entry. This data was then available and ready to use in the the assessment process.

The forms we designed had a great deal of rules to keep the number of erroneous applications to an absolute minimum. All supporting documents would now be uploaded to the system with the application keeping all information together and available in on place for processing.

Applicants are supplied with a username and password so that they can log in to complete their form over a period of time. This also allowed us to develop a system of progress reports and questionnaires for them to fill in before they could get their payments.

In addition to this we developed a log in system for the assessors of the projects. They are able to view and score the projects on line which saves a lot of time, printing and postage.

The results
The whole process has enabled First Light to save a great deal of staff time. The ease and accuracy of the data collection makes reporting to the grant providers very simple. They have been able to take on further distribution duties at low cost as it is so easy to fit them in to the existing set up.
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