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Manage after school club bookings and attendance

The complete package to book and manage after school clubs

Using our online system the school can set up the classes with dates,times,activities and pricing of their choice.

  • School or Agency Based

    Whether the school runs before and after school clubs or has an outside agency running them this product suits both equally.

    For an agency or a group of academies this will work across all their sites.

  • Clubs set up

    Clubs can be set up on a daily or weekly basis during term time or holidays.

    Timings and activities can be specified for the club.

    Attendance and age group limits can be set.

  • Parents register and book

    Parents register and maintain their own child's record.

    Children do not have to attend the school where the class is held.

    They can book the classes they require and pay via Worldpay.

  • Communication

    Parents can be emailed on an individual, per class or per school basis.

    This allows notification of changes to classes and advertisement of future classes.

  • Vouchers and discounts

    Classes can be paid for using childcare vouchers.

    Multi-buyer discounts can be set up on a per class or per family basis

  • Attendance register automatically filled

    The club teacher/supervisor can log in via the T2T App and see the attendee details and mark their attendance.

    The parents of the attendee can be contacted via the App if there are issues in class or to check non-attendance.

  • Reporting

    There are reports available to monitor attendance and income.

    This enables the viability of classes to be monitored.

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