Scholarship management

A package delivering academic grants - with forms designed to collect academic and related evidence.

  • Automated Work-flow

    Manage your team's workload more efficiently with our automated work-flow manager.

  • Online Application Forms

    Reduce paper led, manual processes and integrate your application process with our online application forms.

  • Assessment

    Manage and assess applications online with a tailored system to suit your organisation's assessment criteria.

  • Contracts and Payments

    The payment process continues over the lifetime of the scholarship. It can be based on the receipt of progress reports that can be submitted online by the student.

  • Security

    Our online security system offers complete peace of mind whilst protecting and backing up all of your data and information.

  • Reports

    Using the system you can create and send progress and evalaution reports to successful applicants to complete.

  • Training and Support

    Our team are always here to help and offer full training and support to new and existing customers.

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