Standard Grant Processor

Online forms and management process for a smooth and seamless solution

We provide online Grant Management software, including online forms and assessment.

  • Automated Work-flow

    Manage your team's workload more efficiently with our automated work-flow manager.

  • Online Application Forms

    Reduce paper led, manual processes and integrate your application process with our online application forms.

  • Assessment

    Manage and assess applications online with a tailored system to suit your organisation's assessment criteria.

  • Contracts and Payments

    Find out how you can produce contracts and payments using the system database which automatically stores and saves all data.

  • Security

    Our online security system offers complete peace of mind whilst protecting and backing up all of your data and information.

  • Reports

    Using the system you can create and send progress and evalaution reports to successful applicants to complete.

  • Training and Support

    Our team are always here to help and offer full training and support to new and existing customers.

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