We automate your work to improve efficiency

  • Workflow?

    Workflow is a case management tool - it puts every case you deal with into context- you know where each case is in the processes that deal with it. Workflow does much more…

  • Keeps things efficient

    Users waste less time on repetitive tasks. Produce formal letters at the click of a button using data from your database, and templates you can modify to suit yourself.

    Email these letters directly from the workflow. Logging and sending reminders for late responses is a one-click affair.

  • Prioritise your work

    Each case in the workflow knows where it is, and when its next deadline it - automatically. The system can then tell you what needs your attention sooner, and what else there is coming up. You get alerts for upcoming deadlines, and these can help you share work out.

    This helps keep your casework on time.

  • Management overview

    Workflow provides managers with an overview of how work is going, classifies applications according to the deadline dates. It provides a means of setting targets and a means of measuring achievement.

  • Correspondence

    It manages contacts and correspondence - these CRM style features add to the benefits of using a workflow - and they are completely integrated. You can log phone calls and other correspondence too.

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