Security is key - your data is important and needs care, and there are legal constraints on working with data.

We take security very seriously. As a business we are certified to Cyber Essentials Plus when it comes to our own hardware and processes. Our delivery platforms conform to ISO27001.

  • Security matters

    When it comes to your communications security matters. This means keeping the right people informed, and not letting anyone else know.

  • Passwords

    Everyone needs a password to see their page, and without the password no one sees anything.

    By establishing who is looking we can control what they see.

  • How secure is my data?

    We keep it safe from prying eyes, and regularly back it up. Nightly backups are made, and hourly backups ensure the crucial information is up to date.

  • What about data protection?

    You are able to download a complete copy of all the data you have added, allowing you to fulfil your obligations under the data protection act.

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

    In order to demonstrate our commitment to security we have undertaken to comply with the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus, and to remain compliant using regular verification.

  • ISO27001 for platforms

    Our services are provided using hardware looked after under a certified ISO27001 provider. This is one among many certifications they hold.

  • Regular Penetration Testing

    In order to ensure the best standards of safety and protection, we undertake six-monthly penetration tests of our software. During such tests independent professionals attempt to ethically hack our systems in order to highlight any potential vulnerabilities. These are then managed and mitigated, so that the vulnerabilities are removed.

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