We integrate communication into all our products

  • Communicate right from the system

    We design our systems so that you can easily send information to linked-up people without leaving the system. We let you store contact information about people associated with your work.

  • Send SMS Texts

    Occasionally you might wish to tell someone something urgently - use our system to send them a text - they will get it very quickly, provided their phone is on!

    Sending the same text to a group of people is easy - we let you set these groups up in advance, and then you can text them all at once.

  • Send Emails

    Sending someone a report, or a letter, or just a reminder using email is very easy from our system.

    If the information is too sensitive to send within an email you can send the recipient a link to a secure website where they can see what you want to show them - after they have logged in - this stops anyone else getting to see the information.

  • Use our SNAP features

    SNAP is our clever way in which each of your contacts, pupils, teachers, customers, suppliers etc. is given a secure web page which only they can see.

    The rest of the system feeds these pages with information as and when relevant - so a parent can monitor the progress of their child's special needs assessment without you doing anything at all to make this happen.

  • DATAShare

    The DATAshare element provides a 'social network' like news feed to all your stakeholders - they can see what has been going on recently, and you can rely on them being able to find what you want them to.

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